Champagne Christmas

Hello hello, Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. I spent it with my family in Brooklyn. It was a great day, but I was really missing my sister while she’s still in London. Now I’m ready to get into the Christmas spirit, and count down the days until she’s home!

I’m dropping in to share the CUTEST holiday collection from Kate Spade featuring my favorite, champagne! The collection also includes many glittery favorites, and some NY inspired pieces as well.

Check out my favorites below, and happy shopping!

champagne gifts




Summer Fridays 

Is there anythjng better than summer Fridays, anything at all?

Honestly, there really isn’t. I’m lucky that my office let’s us out on Fridays around 3pm during the summer months. Last Friday, me and my work pals Marie & Lexi decided we would take advantage of the beautiful weather and go out after work. We hadn’t had an adventure in awhile, so we were long over due.

We headed over into Chelsea and to the Frying Pan. I had heard a lot about it and have wanted to go for some time, so this was the perfect opportunity. We got there around 4:30 which was great timing. It was filled with enough people but we didn’t have to wait on a long line to get in. If you go– GET THE SANGRIA. We shared a pitcher (or maybe 2) and it was sooo so good.

It was the perfect night of great company, lovely weather, and amazing drinks. Of course when we left we had to take advantage of the  views of the water and take blog pictures :).


What I’m Wearing:

Old Navy Floral Dress  (unfortunately the dress is sold out, but since I’m obsessed with the print here are the shorts & maxi skirt versions) || Long Champ Small Tote || Target Sandals (old, similar)





Hello, hello. Happy Tuesday! I was hoping today I would be telling you all about the new fitness classes I was trying as part of my 2015 goals, but sometimes you get sick and can’t work out for a couple of days 😦 Guess you’ve gotta roll with the punches!

However,  since I’ve been lounging so much, I’ve watched alotttt of TV. Many of you know that I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother and finished the series on New Years Day. It was one of the BEST shows, and now I know why so many people have been telling me to watch it for years. I think one of the reasons I like it so much is because it takes place in New York City. Which leads me to the show I am currently watching: The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to Sex and the City. While it’s set in the 80’s and Carrie is only in high school, its still fun to live vicariously through her fun NYC life. I’ve just started season 2, and I’m loving it!

Carrie Diaries on iPad

Do you have any shows you recommend on Netflix?




Brunch Time

If you know me, then you know how much I love brunch. An occasion to get dressed up on the weekend, drink some mimosas and catch up with good friends? That’s my kind of meal! A few weeks ago, my friend Kim invited me to attend a brunch event in Manhattan that benefits JDRF. The event was yesterday, and it was such a good time! It was held at Opus 51, a club in the Meatpacking District. One of the best parts about the brunch was the dancing! You can bet that Kim and I were excited, as we are friends from our dancing school days!

Kim and I were having such a hard time deciding what to wear, because it was a later time during the day (2-5 pm) and we’re at that crossing point of fall but with winter weather. After some advice from friends, I went with my leather skirt and a comfy sweatshirt! I decided to dress it up with a statement necklace. Everyone was wearing different things, but I felt very comfortable in the outfit I picked. I’ll be sharing more pictures of my outfit on Friday, but for now, here are some pictures from the event!

photo 2

photo 4 photo 1 

Thanks Kim, for inviting me to this fun event!




Hello, Hello

Hello! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for almost two weeks! It really has been crazy. Let me recap on what I’ve been up to:

  • I’ve started watching How I Met Your Mother during my commute. It is SUCH A GOOD SHOW!! I don’t know how its taken me so long to watch it. This is the time when I would normal write blog posts, so I think I’m going to have to find a new time for that.
  • Last weekend I went back to Villanova again, this time to volunteer at the Special Olympics Pennsylvania Fall Festival, hosted on campus every year. I was a part of the student-run committee during my time at school, and I couldn’t miss it. It was so nice to see so many of my friends that I didn’t get to see during homecoming, and watch so much competition!
  • I’ve also been enjoying some happy hours with coworkers and friends during the week! I’ve been to a few places in Tribeca and the NYU area, all which have been super fun!

With the holidays coming up, I will try my best to keep up with my blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill you in on some fun events during the holiday season!

Do you have any fun plans coming up?





New beginnings || Working in NYC!

I have become a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Most of the time it is extremely hard to accept in the moment, but ultimately it will all work out.

On Monday I began a full-time internship with a digital agency in Manhattan! I’ll be working in Community Management which has been my dream. The other interns welcomed me with open arms and I learned so much about the agency already. Let me just tell you, it’s a pretty cool place to work.

Anyway, back to why I’m posting. I’ve been taking the express bus home because the bus stop is very close to the office. Today I wanted to try the subway/ferry/train to see if I’d like it. However, I took a subway uptown instead of downtown and ended up further from home 😦 I was so upset. But in a turn of events, I ran into an old friend from school while I was walking to an express bus stop! Needless to say it completely changed my mood. Even though we only talked for a few minutes, this made my day better and showed there was a reason that I took the wrong train! Now I can go home with a smile on my face 🙂

I can’t wait to update you all as I take advantage of finally being in NYC!