Reflecting on 2015

2015 was a pretty great year. A few ups and downs, but that’s to be expected every year, right? Last week I was looking at a white board I have in my bedroom at home where I listed my 2015 goals, and realized I completed almost every single one! Coincidentally, they tie into some of my favorite moments from 2015:

A few weeks into the new year I was offered a full time job at the agency where I was interning. I’ve been in my position for almost a full year and I couldn’t be happier working at an amazing company with awesome coworkers.


I fell in love… with Soul Cycle that is. In April I tried Soul Cycle for the first time, which I talked about in this post. It is probably one of the best things to happen to me in 2015, and I can really see my improvement from my first ride. I ride front row more and more!

In May, after gaining some confidence from Soul Cycle, I received my Zumba Instructor certification. I haven’t begun teaching yet, but I’m hoping that’ll happen in 2016 😉

In August, I finally found an apartment in Manhattan to move into after searching for quite a few months. I still can’t believe I’m living a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl.


My sister studied abroad in London this past semester, and my family and I went to visit her! It was my first time out of the country so it was a big deal. I absolutely loved the trip and can’t wait to plan some travel for 2016.


And last but not least, I worked on this blog quite a bit, and even did my first partner post with New York & Company!


Thank you for all of your support during 2015. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store. Have a safe and Happy New  Year!!





What I’m Listening to Lately

Music is a big part of my everyday life. When I get out of bed in the morning, the first thing I do is put on my Top Hits. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting ready to to a club, but it really helps me wake up in the morning. Music continues into the rest of my day, while I commute to work, and even sometimes while I’m working on some projects.

typing on computer

Do you ever find a song that you’re OBSESSED with, and just end up playing it on repeat? Oh, is that just me? Oops. Well, here are some of my favorite tunes lately:

  • What Do You Mean? – Justin Bieber
  • How Deep is Your Love- Calvin Harris, Disciplines
  • That’s How You Know (feat. Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha)- Nico & Vinz
  • Ghost Town- Adam Lambert
  • Levels- Nick Jonas
  • Only Love- Shaggy, Pitbull, Gene Noble
  • Downtown (feat. Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee & Gransmaster Caz)- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Love Myself- Hailee Steinfeld


Any other songs you’re loving lately?





Chop Chop


Oops I did it again…. I cut my hair! I’ve been looking to change up my hair again, and I was between a long bob or adding layers. Ultimately I chose chopping it short again, and I love it! Its so much easier to style and just so fun. I can’t wait to style it different ways!

We had a sneak peak of fall weather last weekend, so I had to pull out my striped top. I did a little shopping this weekend and I can’t wait to start styling fall looks again! Get ready for some fun looks soon. 🙂

IMG_1034 IMG_1039 IMG_1046

What I’m Wearing:

AE striped shirt (old, similar) || AE jeans (old, these are super cute and I WANT THEM) Marshall’s shoes (old) || Coach small Kelsey satchel


What hair styles are you predicting this fall season!?




What’s Happening Lately

Hello hello! Okay, I know I did it again, I went MIA. But I was busy busy with good reason!

At the end of July I celebrated my 23rd birthday. My friends, family and coworkers really made it a special day and I can’t thank them enough! Some highlights include Drybar, drinks with coworkers and friends at TriBeCa Tavern, dinner with my family at El Vez and Soul Cycle + Brunch at Agave with my best friend!




I had to recover from that fun-filled weekend pretty quickly, because the following weekend I moved into the city! Yes, I finally made the big move. I’m still adjusting to life on my own, but I’m absolutely loving it so far! 😀


Quickly after I moved in I had a few days off from work planned with my family, so we went to the beach one day, spent a day by the pool, and took a quick trip to Peddlers Village in Pennsylvania. It was so nice to spend the long weekend with them.

Also, today mark’s one year since I’ve been at my company! I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be working at my dream job and living in this amazing city.




So I took my first Soul Cycle class. To say it simply: it was AMAZING. I had heard great things about it from Kim, Marie, and Dana but I was still a little hesitant. I had tried spinning a number of times before but never loved it. However a few weeks ago I received an email at work about a promotion with Soul Cycle for free rides in April. Was this my sign to try a class?! I think it was. 

I got to the studio early for my class, and since I was nervous to go in too early I walked around outside for a bit. Once I went inside and was signed in, I got my shoes, and was given a mini tour of the space. Once I was in Room A, someone helped me get set up and I started warming up. After everyone was settled my instructor, Reed, asked if anyone was new and when I raised my hand he gave me a big welcome and instructed the rest of the class to do so as well. That’s when I knew this was going to be good. 

It was a Rihanna ride so I was super excited, but still very nervous about whether I could keep up. As the class started I felt good. And kept thinking “okay, I can do this. This isn’t that bad.” That lasted for a little bit. Then the crunches began, and I started losing my breath. But I took it easy and sat back to regain my strength and kept on pushing on. Then I began sweating. A lot. I haven’t sweat that much in a long time, but I kept going. I found myself smiling. Smiling?! While working out?! Yup , it was happening.

The funny thing is that there were no clocks. When I workout I always check the time so I know how much of the class is left, but here I couldn’t do that. However after many songs, Reed blew the lights out on the candles that lined his bike podium. I thought “is it almost over?!” But once I realized we were reaching the end,  I didn’t want it to be over. That’s when I knew I really liked it.

You leave Soul Cycle with a huge boost of confidence. For 45 minutes, you focus on you and what you’re accomplishing in that room. It is incredibly motivating and an unexplainable feeling. I left my first class thinking “WOW. I get it. I get why so many people love it.” And then proceeded to sign up for my next class.




Bonus funny moment of class: midway through class when it was time for the weights (oh yea, did I mention there were weights?) I slowed down to reach them and my bike locked. I believe this is because I slowed down and then had too much resistance but I needed to wave my instructor over to help me get going again haha. In the past this would’ve probably majorly embarrassed me but I laughed and kept spinning. 🙂


Guess who’s backkk!? Wow, I’m really not sure how it’s been over a month since my last post. Things have been crazy busy, but in a good way!! Lots of happy hours, Soul Cycle classes (more on that soon!!), and just enjoying everything my city has to offer. But I’m back, with lots of content to share.

First let’s start with today’s post. It has officially been a year since my first post on this site! Boy how things have changed. What started as something small before I graduated from college turned into a space to share what’s going on in my life and connect with other bloggers. Although I have been neglecting the blog the past month I promise I will be back and better than ever! I thought I’d do a fun outfit post for this special day, since they have become some of my favorite posts to do. Shoutout to this birthday balloon for still being inflated after two weeks, and the perfect prop.

IMG_0862_yesIMG_0877_yes IMG_0897_yes IMG_0908_yes

Thank you to all of my family and friends who continue to come back to Chocolate Chai and Champagne. Your support over the last year has pushed me to make this blog everything it can be.





Rise and Shine

Oh Monday, we meet again. Is it just me, or is it 10x harder to get up Monday morning?

Getting up for work has been much more of a struggle lately. It could be because I’m now a lot busier at work with longer hours some days, but I just can’t help pressing snooze every morning. Don’t get my wrong I am a morning person, but it would be even better if my mornings started at 8 rather than 6:30 😉

I’ve looked into many ways to become a morning person, and even wrote about it back in the summer. While I haven’t found the perfect solution, I’ve put together a list of things that personally help me out:  

  • Leave the blinds open a little bit || I have room darkening shades, which is great when I want to block out light on the weekend, but during the week I need a little sun to help my eyes adjust as soon as I wake up.  (Note: due to day light savings it won’t be as bright in the morning for a bit, I learned that the hard way 😦 ) 
  • Set clothes out the night before || When you’re exhausted in the morning, the last thing you want to do is pick out an outfit. So setting an outfit out the night before (and trying it on too) is really helpful. 
  • Play music || Yes, I’m that girl dancing around to the radio in the morning. Music you would dance to out on Saturday night? Yup, that’s exactly what I listen to. It just puts me in a great mood for the morning!
  • Try to limit electronic use right before bed || This is a hard one, because I don’t have much time for personal computer use when I get home so I always want to squeeze that in, but I try to get into bed and just watch TV for 15 minutes before falling asleep instead of scrolling through my phone or laptop. 


Do you have any tips I should try? I would love to hear them!