Hey all! Hope you had great Labor Day Weekend! Now that the summer is officially over (I’m hoping the warm weather will last a bit longer), I’m ready to get back into a fitness routine. Two weeks ago I tried out FlyBarre for the first time, using a credit I had from my SELF Up N Out Studio weekend!

I had taken barre classes a lot during the winter of my senior year, so this workout wasn’t completely new to me, but it had definitely been awhile! Lots of core work and tucking had me feeling very shaky by the end of class. I had an awesome instructor Hannah, who welcomed me and made sure any questions I had prior to class were answered. Hannah also made it a point to walk around during class and correct everyones form, which is sometimes lacking in a fitness class but extremely important.

I think FlyBarre would perfectly compliment classes at Soul Cycle and normal gym workouts. I can’t wait to try to incorporate that into my routine.

What other workouts should I try next?!




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