So I took my first Soul Cycle class. To say it simply: it was AMAZING. I had heard great things about it from Kim, Marie, and Dana but I was still a little hesitant. I had tried spinning a number of times before but never loved it. However a few weeks ago I received an email at work about a promotion with Soul Cycle for free rides in April. Was this my sign to try a class?! I think it was. 

I got to the studio early for my class, and since I was nervous to go in too early I walked around outside for a bit. Once I went inside and was signed in, I got my shoes, and was given a mini tour of the space. Once I was in Room A, someone helped me get set up and I started warming up. After everyone was settled my instructor, Reed, asked if anyone was new and when I raised my hand he gave me a big welcome and instructed the rest of the class to do so as well. That’s when I knew this was going to be good. 

It was a Rihanna ride so I was super excited, but still very nervous about whether I could keep up. As the class started I felt good. And kept thinking “okay, I can do this. This isn’t that bad.” That lasted for a little bit. Then the crunches began, and I started losing my breath. But I took it easy and sat back to regain my strength and kept on pushing on. Then I began sweating. A lot. I haven’t sweat that much in a long time, but I kept going. I found myself smiling. Smiling?! While working out?! Yup , it was happening.

The funny thing is that there were no clocks. When I workout I always check the time so I know how much of the class is left, but here I couldn’t do that. However after many songs, Reed blew the lights out on the candles that lined his bike podium. I thought “is it almost over?!” But once I realized we were reaching the end,  I didn’t want it to be over. That’s when I knew I really liked it.

You leave Soul Cycle with a huge boost of confidence. For 45 minutes, you focus on you and what you’re accomplishing in that room. It is incredibly motivating and an unexplainable feeling. I left my first class thinking “WOW. I get it. I get why so many people love it.” And then proceeded to sign up for my next class.




Bonus funny moment of class: midway through class when it was time for the weights (oh yea, did I mention there were weights?) I slowed down to reach them and my bike locked. I believe this is because I slowed down and then had too much resistance but I needed to wave my instructor over to help me get going again haha. In the past this would’ve probably majorly embarrassed me but I laughed and kept spinning. 🙂


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