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Do you ever get a piece of jewelry and just know it will become a staple for awhile? That’s how I feel about my new Dogeared necklace. Dogeared builds their jewelry on being both beautiful and meaningful– and I couldn’t agree more. My necklace has three beads on it, each to make a wish on. I’ve made one wish so far, and I can’t wait to decide what the other two will be.


I received this beautiful necklace from my sorority Little, Kaylene, back in December as a Christmas gift. Not only did the message behind the necklace mean so much to me, but the note she wrote meant so much as well. I was having a tough day when I got the gift in the mail, so it was perfect timing. I am extremely lucky to have people like my little in my life!

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I’ve been browsing around on the Dogeared website and there are so many pieces I love! I would definitely check them out if you have a friend’s birthday or special occasion coming up!




PS: So sorry I’ve been MIA againnnn… I’ve been a busy bee (buzz buzz), but all with good reason!! Lots of great things going on that I’m super excited about. Can’t wait to share with you all!!



Snap Snap

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been loving Snapchat lately. They’ve been adding so many updates and so many brands are now on it, I feel like there’s always something for me to look at. I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been snapping lately:

This is my go-to lunch. I stop by the market near my office and pick up a chopped salad. SO GOOD.

Sometimes when I commute to work I am so bundled up, you can barely see my face..


Other times, I just like using the fun filters. (Staten Island also has a filter- whoop whoop)


After my Chinese food a few weeks ago, I had to save my fortune. It’s like they know me.


When I get up early to spin on Sunday, you bet I’m gonna capture that moment. Pics or it didn’t happen, #amiright?


Last but not least, how could I not snap a picture of my sushi!? We ordered it last weekend for my sister’s last dinner home with us.


What are your favorite things to snap? Are you a selfie queen, or a food photog?


Red Coat

photo 4

Got a secret, can you keep it? Sorry, I just had too! I can’t help but feel like I’m in an episode of Pretty Little Liars every time I wear this Michael Kors coat. I got it for Christmas last year but really started wearing it this winter. It does a great job of keeping me warm, and the color definitely allows me to stand out. Of course I had to wear my favorite Old Navy beanie (it’s on sale right now!!) and my super-warm J.Crew Factory scarf.

photo 2

My sister attends school in upstate New York and they still have some snow on the ground! We took her back to school yesterday, so I thought her campus would be a great background for some shots. Special thanks to momma for taking these pictures, even though we were both FREEZING.

photo 5

It was so nice to have an extra day off from work this weekend. Can’t every week be a four-day work week!? I know I would be up for that! This week hopefully won’t be as busy as last, and filled with lots of fun!

photo 3

What I’m wearing::

Michael Kors coat (old, similar) || Old Navy Hat || Old Navy jeans || J. Crew Factory Scarf || Marshall’s boots


Are you going to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight? I’m hoping I get home from work in time to tune in!


Lazy Days

photo 2

Saturdays and Sundays are my favorite. I don’t have to wake up early and rush to get ready and out to catch my bus. I usually wake up around 9 and lounge in bed for a bit, until I get too hungry and make my way downstairs for breakfast.

photo 3

When I am set to lounge around and blog, I put on my comfiest sweats and pick a spot in my house where I can lay down and write. I just got these fleece pants for Christmas from Old Navy and they are one of comfiest pair of pants I own. I paired them with a plain tee since I would just be in the house.

photo 4

Of course, my blogging hours wouldn’t be nearly as successful without my Heart and Arrow Planner. I also got this for Christmas, and I’ve been using it since! It really helps me plan out my posts for the week, especially because I try to get so much done during the weekends.

photo 1

Last week was a super busy week at work, so it was really nice to relax this weekend. My TV shows are finally starting to come back and I’m so excited! Yesterday I watched the first two new episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Does anyone else watch it? I can’t believe it’s been on for four and a half years! With every episode I watch, I always say I’m going to stop watching because I get too scared. But here I am, 5 seasons later, still following along!


How do you like to spend your weekends?






Reading Lately

Hello hello! TGIAF (Thank God it’s Almost Friday). I don’t know about you, but my week has been crazyyyyy busy. I’ve been going going going nonstop, and I can’t wait until I can take a breather. Unfortunately I’ve been slacking on the outfit posts. Hopefully I’ll get some more within the next two weeks! So for today, I’ll just leave you with some links of what I’m reading and loving. Hope you enjoy!

  • With the start of the New Year comes lists on lists on resolutions. I shared my goal theme of 2015 a few weeks back. Resolutions can be pretty intimidating, so these small steps to resolutions can definitely help anyone adopt a healthier lifestyle!
  • My mom found this article on Buzzfeed. I must admit, I can sometimes become an OCD organizer, so I absolutely love all of the tips!
  • I love wearing dresses to work. It definitely breaks up the normal jean ensembles. However come winter, I never want to swap out my warm jeans for bare(ish) legs in tights. Could I have found my solution? It’s too good to be true!
  • I was a HUGE Mary Kate and Ashley fan back in the day. I even had a membership to their fan club! You can’t deny that they always look flawless in their photographs, and they’ve shared their tips why! I can’t wait to try these tips at my next red carpet event (one could dream, right?).

Hope you enjoyed these links! Happy almost Friday!! 🙂



What’s in my bag?

I absolutely love bloggers’ posts about what they carry in their bags. I think it’s interesting to see what everyone’s must-have items are! I’ve wanted to do a post like this for awhile, and actually took these photos a few months ago, but never got around to getting this up. Ironically enough, I just switched back to this bag for work, because I know I’ll be carrying a few extra things with me this week.

I carry a lot in my bag. Since my day is so long, I always like being prepared! I guess that’s the Girl Scout in me. My co-workers actually call my bag a “Mary Poppins” bag, because I always have whatever they need– usually a bandaid, gum, or sometimes even straws. I took a full picture of all of the items in my bag, and then individual photos of some of the different categories of what I carry.


Here’s the big picture of what I carry everyday. This doesn’t include my lunch bag and a pair of flats if I’m wearing heels that day.

I’ll start from the left:

Tech gloves || It’s wayy to cold not to use them, and I always need to be able to check my phone to see if my bus is coming!

Metro Card, house key, car keys & wallet || I couldn’t get to the city without these. I also drive to the bus stop, so that’s why I need my car keys too.

Electronics: iPhone charger, Mophie phone case, Mophie charger, headphones, camera, and iPhone camera clicker || I always need my phone charger, especially after using my phone for a long bus ride. The Mophie case is perfect for when I go out after work or a night out in the city. Headphones– need I say why? For bus rides or when I need to zone out at work, I’m always using them multiple times a day. I’ve started carrying all of my electronics in a small Victoria’s Secret clutch that I have.

Notebooks & Pens: Work to-do pad, work notebook, personal notebook, magazine, bus schedule, and pens. || These are things I find myself using everyday. I am a visual person, so written-out to-do lists are a must for me. Teen Vogue was always one of my favorite magazines, and I like keeping a small magazine on me for long subway rides.

Miscellaneous : Gum, mints, cough drops, cereal bar, water, Crystal Lite lemonade pack, tissues || You don’t want to see me when I’m hangry, so I always have a cereal bar in my bag for my ride home from work if I get hungry. Water, because I’m always afraid to commute without it, Crystal lite packets to flavor up a drink (also a GREAT mixer, just sayin’ 😉 ).

Sunglasses || I got these from my parents for graduation and they are my FAVORITE. I don’t wear them all the time now, since its not as sunny, but I like to carry them just in case.





Not included in these photos is my iPad which I often carry to write blog posts or catching up on what I’m watching on Netflix.

Hope you liked seeing what’s in my bag!



Legen.. wait for it….

Dary. Legendary.

Yup, you’ve guessed it, How I Met Your Mother. I went to McGee’s Pub near Central Park last night with two of my friends from work, Lexi and Marie. It was the bar that inspired the writers of HIMYM while they were creating the infamous MacLaren’s. I promised myself I’d go there as soon as I finished watching the show, so last night was perfect! The booths on the first floor definitely reminded me of the group’s usual spot, and it was cool to see photos and memorabilia of the cast hung on the walls around the restaurant. There were even HIMYM themed cocktails!

photo 3photo 1  photo 2

If you’re a fan of the show, you should definitely check it out!


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