Food Fotos

Hello there, Happy Monday! Hope your day has gone well.

I’m here to share 3 pics of some of food highlights of my weekend. They’re not much, but boy were the good.

First we have the s’mores I made with my friends Friday night. I usually vary between using the grill, the stove, or the microwave to make them. On Friday, I put all of the s’mores open on a plate and in the microwave for 20 seconds. When I took them out, the marshmallows were BURSTING and the s’mores were amazing.

I may not have a boyfriend at the moment, but my friends do, and one of them cooked for us on Saturday. Pasta salad & a baked chicken dish– could I ask for more?! I can’t share how he made the dish though (he said it’s a secret).

Sunday I ran some errands, and while I was at Target I decided to pick up a yogurt. There were so many to choose from! I went with a Chobani yogurt that had Steele cut oats in it. It was a banana-maple flavor, and it was perfect.

Did you eat anything special this weekend?



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