Pineapples and city trips || Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Yesterday my family decided to have a family day! We woke up and headed to Andrew’s Diner for breakfast. I had a wisdom tooth extracted on Wednesday and since I still can’t eat solid food, I decided on oatmeal. The bowl was so big, it was basically the size of my face!

After breakfast, we headed into the city so we could walk the Brooklyn Bridge! This is something my sister and I have been wanting to cross off our bucket lists. We parked our car on the Manhattan side and took the train over to Brooklyn. Then we started out on our walk over the bridge. There were so many beautiful views! It was such a nice morning. Of course on our way home, we had to make a Starbucks stop.

Now about my outfit for the day– I’ve noticed that pineapples have become a big trend this summer. I saw this pineapple tank in Old Navy the other day and had to pick it up. I have also been looking for a new phone case and Old Navy had a super cute pineapple case! My whole outfit was actually from Old Navy, including the chambray shirt and jeans. I love so many pieces from their store!

What are you trying to cross off your bucket list this summer?




Tune in || What I’m watching

Lately I’ve been having so many conversations with friends about what TV shows I watch and shows I’d recommend on the beloved Netflix. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite TV shows past and present.

1. Gilmore Girls || Number one will always be Gilmore Girls. It is my all-time favorite TV show. I even had a Gilmore Girls themed birthday party when I was 15. I used to watch reruns of old seasons at my grandma’s house, and got myself the DVDs and binge watched until I was caught up. I watched the 6th and 7th seasons live and cried during the finale. Everything always relates back to Gilmore Girls.

2. Gossip Girl || I remember starting Gossip Girl back when I was in high school. It feels like forever ago! I was always a loyal fan and was shocked when they revealed who Gossip Girl was in the series finale last year. I recently began rewatching the series (the whole series is available a on Netflix). It’s very interesting it watch it now knowing who GossipGirl is!

3. The Hills || Oh the Hills. Gotta love some old-school LC. This is one of my guilty pleasure shows and I always find myself rewatching the series (I’m on my 4th time). You can see it all from the beginning when Lauren and Heidi were BFF, and before Spencer was in the picture.

4. Pretty Little Liars || This is a show I have been watching since day 1. Every time I get scared watching an episode, I swear I won’t watch it anymore. However, here I am, still watching it 5 seasons later. I just can’t stop!

5. Once Upon a Time || I didn’t start watching Once Upon a Time until two thanksgivings ago. My cousin told me about this great ABC fairy tale show and we ended up watching 4 episodes. Needless to say, I was hooked!! I caught up on all of the episodes and now look forward to the episodes every Sunday.

6. Nashville || Nashville is another recent show that I’ve been hooked on. I’m not a big country music fan, but I really love this show. Have you ever seen Lennon and Maisy? Well they’re on the show. And they’re amazing.

7. Dallas || Dallas is a show that I love watching with my mom. The show was originally on from the 70s to the 90s, and this is a continuation of the original series. It’s one of those shows that you cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next.

8. Drop Dead Diva || This is a story about a blonde model who dies and wakes up in a larger lawyer’s body. It’s hilarious and drama filled, and I love watching the court cases. They are currently on their sixth and final season, but seasons 1-5 are on Netflix!

Do you have any shows you recommend? I’d love to hear about them!


Book review || The Fault in Our Stars

Let me begin by saying that I have never read a book as fast as I read The Fault in Our Stars. All of my friends raved about it, so I knew I had to jump on the bandwagon and read it too. I started it last night, and read it all day today. I was prepared to cry, as many of my friends warned me I would, but surprisingly no tears were shed. The book had romance and humor, which were so perfectly blended that you didn’t know which to focus on. It was an easy read, but not so easy that I was bored: I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. It was an amazing love story, and I wish there was more. I cannot wait to go see the movie!

Now I have a list of books I want to read this summer:

  • Someday, Someday, Maybe (halfway through)
  • Gone Girl
  • Where’d You Go, Bernadette?
  • Ladies’ Night

Do you have any book suggestions? Please share them with me!




Dressed to impress || Graduation party style

This weekend was filled with graduation parties again, and I absolutely loved it!

Saturday was my friend Stephanie’s party, at an Italian restaurant not too far from my house. I wore a Jessica Simpson dress I picked up from Macy’s. It’s a super comfortable dress that could be dressed up or down. I wore nude wedges with a little gold embellishment that I picked up at DSW. I also wore my new Ray Ban sunglasses.

Sunday was my graduation party at an Italian restaurant called Nuccis. So many of my friends and family came out for it. It was so great to celebrate with them! Over Easter break I picked up a jumpsuit from Express, and couldn’t find the right time to wear it. I figured my party would be perfect! I picked up my necklace from Forever 21 and wore the same wedges from the day before. So many people loved the jumpsuit!

Dressing for the summer is so much fun! I’m looking forward to a summer filled with many style posts 🙂



I won the lotto! || The Book of Mormon

No I didn’t win the actual lottery… I won the Twitter Book of Mormon lottery for discounted matinee tickets! I followed The Book of Mormon and retweeted one of their tweets that mentioned the contest. I found out I won $32 tickets to the 2pm show for Wednesday! I had seen the play before, but my sister hadn’t. We packed our bags, checked, and headed out for what was a great day!

Here’s my play-by-play of our day:

9:10am: We hop on an express bus and head into the the city to purchase our tickets from the box office. The bus was stress free for one reason alone: I had a travel buddy and didn’t have to worry about sitting next to a stranger!

10:50am: We finally get off the bus and start walking towards the theatre. Stretching our legs feels great after that bus ride.

11:07am: We get on a long line at the theatre (begin stress of purchasing the tickets before the deadline of 12pm). Thankfully we were inside the air-conditioned lobby.

11:35am: Tickets are purchased and our seats were box!

11:48: After wandering around and taking some pictures, we decided it was time to go eat.

11:55am: Got a table at Ruby Foo’s, a dim sum/sushi restaurant in Times Square and around the corner from the theatre. I made reservations through Open Table the day before.

12:00pm: Food is ordered and mouths are watering. We started with edamame to share. I ordered an avocado roll and vegetable dumplings and sister ordered a california roll and a salad.

12:25pm: Officially stuffed. The food was AMAZING and I will definitely be back at Ruby Foo’s for more.

12:34pm: Now we had an hour to kill until we waited on line for the show. We walked into the Disney store, Forever 21 and MAC, and realized that we wanted everything, so we went into Caffe Bene around the corner from the show to kill more time. I just got a water while J got a coffee.

1:09pm: I trip down concrete stairs. I have always been a klutz, but I actually think it’s getting worse. So after a few minutes of whining to my sister about my scratches, we gathered our things and finally headed to the theatre!

1:25pm: We got on a line that reached the corner of the street, but thankfully it moved pretty quickly and we got into the theatre to find our seats.

1:58pm: Even though our seats didn’t have a full view of the stage, the show was still as funny as the first time and the tickets were so cheap!! I definitely recommend the lottery for anyone interested in seeing the show.


I’m hoping that I have many fun-filled summer days like this. That, or I am employed and don’t have time to do these things. (I would rather the latter #hopesandprayers)





Celebrate good times || Graduation parties

I absolutely love graduation parties! Any excuse for me to celebrate and see good friends is okay with me! I went to three graduation parties this weekend, ranging in style.


Friday my best friend since pre-school, Christina, had a little get together at her house. We were supposed to be outside but unfortunately the weather didn’t agree, so we were in her basement. It was the first time all 6 of us best friends were back together since March! I took pictures of my outfit before I headed out.

On Saturday I headed into Jersey for my friend Maddy’s graduation party. It was a perfect day for an outdoor party! We were outside all day and I loved every minute of it. While I was driving, I couldn’t help but stare at my new Pandora ring that I got for graduation! It is super cute with the bow and very dainty. It went perfectly with my polished nails, in Revlon’s Elegant. Of course, we took pictures!

That's me, Maddy, and Jamie. My outfit before I headed out. My new ring!

Sunday, I had a graduation party for two of my best friends, Nicole and Samantha. We have been friends since high school, and it was so nice to see all of their family and friends that I have met over the years. Their party was held at Fiore Di Mare, a restaurant by the marina. It was such a nice time!


I have two more graduation parties next weekend– one being my friend Stephanie’s, and the other being mine! I’m so excited 🙂




Summer fun || Packing

I’ve only been on one beach trip so far and I realized I have forgotten how to pack for summer outings. Luckily for me, some of my favorite bloggers have written about their summertime necessities!


Here are some of my favorites:

1. Lauren — Beach Approved: 12 Essential Beach Bag Items

2. The College Prepster — Sun Protection… Head to Toe

3. Design Darling — Whats in my Summer Bag

4. Prep In Your Step — Summer Packing Tips


With some pool parties and beach house trips coming up, I will definitely have my tote ready!


What are some of your summertime must-haves?